Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Heading South

I'm back from my Easter break in London, which was really great. We visited family and played at being tourists with some sight seeing and shopping which, although we do visit London now and again to see friends and family, we never normally get the chance to do.

I was very excited to go to Legoland in Windsor, and it didn't disappoint. We had fun on the rides and playing with lego, but Miniland, the statues round the park, and the 2D mosiac-like pictures all made of lego were just awesome.

Mini-London was very cool as we'd seen all the places in real life too on this trip. It was nice to see the Gherkin AKA Noah's Rocket (... or Mummy's Rocket as it is known by the mini-people in our house due to my illustration for Tony Frais' books).

There was so much to see and quirky touches to spot it really was fun. I am so loving the lego tube map?! And the Minack Theatre in Cornwall was an exciting surprise as my Dad had performed there (at the real one, not the lego version!) in Arthur Miller's The Crucible last year.

The Houses of Parliament were amazing in both forms...

The lego HP, and the real HP from the London Eye - can you spot which is which!? (check out the wobbly distortion through the glass pod!)

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