Thursday, 18 March 2010

A place for lists

My big girl will be nine this weekend, which I have to admit is quite scary, time really is flying by! My mum says she is just like me (she says it in a "you get what you deserve" kind of way!), but along with the bad habits there are plenty of good ones she's picked up: a few of which are her love for stationery, lists (bad or good?) and books.
There is always a reading or note book stuck to her face while she sleeps when I go in to switch off her light, and much to my annoyance pen marks all over her bedding. It's great, though, that she chooses to spend her time that way.

I've just made her this notebook as a little something extra. I did the doodle a while ago but haven't done anything with it. I thought it would make a good notebook cover which she can colour and customise at will and then fill with lists!

I might just make another for me!


  1. love the customised notebook, great birthday idea!

  2. Thanks Beth! I love your blog and your work!