Thursday, 7 April 2011

Busy Busy

What a busy month March has been.

I've hand painted a headboard for my friend's little princess. It's nice to get the paints out for a change, it happens so rarely and I did enjoy it.

Also, it was MY little princess's 10th birthday (Where does the time go!?) and we made her a Hollywood themed party. She was very clear in what she wanted; I had lists and mood boards presented to me regularly (WHERE does she get that from I wonder!?), with guests, order of the day, cake designs, decor, which family member was doing what etc...
We had a red carpet, tinsel shimmer curtains, paparazzi (courtesy of Auntie #1), cocktails (courtesy of Auntie #2), quiz and karaoke (courtesy of Dad), Hollywood Hills cake (courtesy of Grandma), door staff (Grandpa "if your name's not down...") and we even created her own VIP brand (courtesy of Mum!) to decorate the room, the cocktail menus, thank yous etc.

A successful and tiring afternoon!

Work has been really varied, with logo and branding for new handmade chutney business The Artisan Pantry:

I've designed probably the coolest Bar Mitzvah invitations:

And have done LOTS of Leeds Owl Trail art and heritage workshops in schools, the Leeds City Art Gallery, Museum and Central Library.

I'm also working on version 5 of the Leeds Owl Trail map. I love my work with the Leeds Owl Trail, I wonder how many owls we've made over the last year with children around Leeds? It must be a couple of thousand by now!

Now we're zooming into April, I'm continuing to mix it up with more 'Owl' projects, a couple of bespoke invitations and there's always my ongoing greetings cards and framed baby name pictures. It's certainly never mundane being a freelancer!


  1. I love your blog!! I want a headboard for my Sylvia when she gets bigger please! x

  2. Thanks Louise! I was given the headboard ready cut, and just painted it. I'm sure we can work it out when she's ready for the big girl's bed!

  3. Wow Roz! What a busy bee you are - I love and adore the headboard... would love one for Roni for when we move to Israel... big kisses XXX