Thursday, 1 July 2010

Tigerprint Christmas Typography Comp...

This week I had on my to-do-list to enter the Tigerprint competition. I haven't entered as frequently as I used to which is silly coz however busy (or not) I may be I always enjoy tackling their briefs. Also, the designs can always come in handy to re-use when (if) I don't win!
Last minute my eleventh hour entries are in. I do like designing for xmas greetings and the Typography theme was a lovely challenge, a new way to look at a thoroughly designed season!
The brief was to design a card exploring Christmas Typography as the theme, and also as it's an online card it has to have editable, personalised text and/or room to upload a photo... oh and has to work on a range of scales from a small thumbnail to a large size printed card. Keeping to a simple, contemporary colour palette I created my "let it snow" design from random "falling" snowflakes forming the letters by using negative and positive space. I enjoyed creating this one; adding the snowflakes practically one at a time... time consuming but very theraputic at the same time!
For the "Christmas Tree" and "Let's Make Merry Wreath" designs I chose a decorative font and manipulated it to fit together in a christmassy papercut style. Reminiscent of cutting paper snowflakes.
The wreath would frame an uploaded photo really delicately, perhaps inside the card?
Finally, a more fun and informal romantic Xmas greeting with "Note to Santa"!
A couple of my new blogging and twitter buddies, and previous Tigerprint Comp winners, have blogged their entries to the Tigerprint Competition too... have a look at Elizabeth Ryman, Helen Pickup, and other regulars Marlene Leibowitz and Bess Harding's entries.


  1. Hi Rosalind, thanks for the mention, very sweet of you. I love your let it snow design VERY CLEVER IDEA!!

  2. Thanks! We both must have been humming "all I want for xmas is you" in our heads simultaneously! Love your cute penguin!

  3. Hey Rosalind, thank you so much for mentioning me - so lovely of you. Really love your designs for this comp - especially the note to Santa & let it snow! Brilliant ideas. Good Luck xx

  4. Hi Rosalind, thanks for your comment on my blog! I love your designs, specially the Christmas Tree with the red background and Let it Snow. Good luck in the competition, isn't fun?!!

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments and feedback. Good luck talented people! x

  6. I LOVE the Let it Snow design - you are so very talented Roz xxx